March 8, 2017

... and a perfect night for astrophotography. Having been house bound for the past four days with knee and shoulder problems, I was totally bored and craving an opportunity to do any photography. After a nonproductive evening being a couch potato and watching the latest episode of Black Sails in my darkened living room, I casually glanced out my window and spotted Jupiter rising through the tree branches and just above a distant hilltop.

As you can see from the daytime view from my couch, the many tree branches don't make for ideal sky viewing. However, as a popular new song says it's ... "the difference between what should be and what's so".

When opportunity arises make the most of it.

I turned off m...

December 30, 2016

... not much of a day for photo opportunities. A good day to stay inside and play (practice??) with our photo gear.

I has just finished reading the latest users experiences with auto focusing of Birds In Flight on by the Micro 4/3 guys playing with the new Olympus E-M1 Mark II camera and their super telephoto lens. Most were seeing a big improvement over the older OM-D bodies including my E-M5 Mark I and Mark II cameras.

I dug out my cameras and looked out the window for moving targets. But it was as I said a dark and stormy day. Temperatures in the mid 30s with heavy overcast and blustery winds after a morning of early rain. The few birds I saw were hunkered down in the distant trees li...

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