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Determining Your Proper Level for Competition

Our competitions are split into color prints category and our color digital projector

category into B, A and Salon groups. To insure that you are competiting at the proper

level, we ask you to send our Evaluation Committee a sample of 20 of your typical color

images to allow us to assign you to the B, A or Salon level. Submission Procedure:


  1. Make an electronic copy of twenty of your typical color images.

  2. Resize the copies to fit within a 1024 pixels x 768 pixels box.

  3. Convert the images to sRGB color space.

  4. Save the images as jpeg files with a compression setting of about 7.

  5. Attach the files to an email and send it to


Upon receipt, the webmaster will forward the email to all of the members of our

Evaluation Committee (currently Harvey Augenbraun, Lois Barker, Dick Budnik and

Elinor Stecker-Orel). They will send their recommendation to our Competition Chairman

(currently Walter Kimmel). He will send you an email with your level assignment.

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