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Member Websites

Dick Budnik's Experimental Podcasts

Dick Budnik's YouTube Channel

Dick Budnik's Photo Classes

Lewis Bogaty

Jim Christensen
Rob Dubliin

Yoram Gelman
Tom OConnell
Mano Orel

Bob Piro
Warren Rosenberg
Thomas Streppone
Anastasia Tompkins
Joseph Vitiello 

WPS Judges for 2020-2021

Kathy Macpherson Baca  -  judged 1A Sept 25, 2020.  

Nir Arieli - judged 1B Oct 9, 2020


Lisa Cuchara  - judged 2A - Oct 30, 2020  


Deborah Loeb Bohren - judged 2B - Nov 20, 2020

Stephen E Morton - judged 3a - Dec 11, 2020

Gillian Greenhill Hannum - judged 3b - Jan. 08, 2021

Ron Landis - judged 4a - Jan. 29, 2021

Art Vaughan judged 4b - Feb. 26, 2021

 Phil Echo judged 5a - March 19, 2021

Joseph Squillante judged 5b - April 09, 2021

Mike Harris judged 6a - April 23, 2021

Nick  Palmieri judged 6b - May 21, 2021

Ford Weisberg judged EOY - June 11, 2021

WPS Speakers for 2020-21

Ashok Sinha - Gas and Glamour, Roadside Architecture in Los Angeles - Dec 4, 2020 - flyer, new book      

Art Vaughan, NECCC Print Winners. Jan 15, 2021

Hazel Meredith, Creativity with Textures and Composition. Jan 22, 2021 flyer website

seminar follow-up material

Jen Rozenbaum, Boudoir Photography. flyer, Nikon Ambassador. In cooperation with Hunts Photo, Feb 5, 2021


Chris Nicholson, Night Photography in National Parks, March 12, 2021

Lisa Langell, Photographing Hi Key, April 16, 2021

Cameron Darnell, Creativity in Lighting for Bird Photography. June 4, 2021

Jim Christensen, Combining Exposures to Improve Composition, July 16, 2021
Lewis Katz, 07/23/21 - The art of black and white photography from capture to print - notes and survey link


Photo Equipment Stores

Hunt's Photo and Video's Videos

Interesting Photo Links

Photo Attorney - links to legal advice for photographers

Digital Camera Review (dpReview)
Westchester Arts Council (Your link to the fine arts in Westchester)
Free Calculator for Cutting Mats (download this small program and leave it on your desktop)
Photo Knowledge Base (Forums for photographers)

Other Camera Clubs and Federations
Resources for Photographers

Field (locations for photography)


Software for Photographers

Fastone (a modern PC-ONLY EXIF browser for sorting and viewing photos)