This page contains Links to other web sites that may be useful to our Members. Please report any dead links or send any suggestions for new links to our WebMaster. Content found on these links may not reflect the views of WPS or its members.

Member Websites
Interesting Photo Links

Photo Attorney - links to legal advice for photographers

FAA drone rules for Photographers - June 2016

Craig Camera (Source of Old Instruction Manuals)
Digital Camera Review (dpReview)
Photo District News Online
(Jim Moerschel's web site featuring a WPS gallery and photo articles by several of our members)
Westchester Arts Council (Your link to the fine arts in Westchester) (Honest Answers for Budding Photographers. BetterPhoto teaches photographers how to improve their photography)
Free Calculator for Cutting Mats (download this small program and leave it on your desktop)
Photo Knowledge Base (Forums for photographers)

Other Camera Clubs and Federations
Resources for Photographers

Field (locations for photography)
The Luminous Landscape (online digital photography magazine)

Software for Photographers

Fastone (a modern PC-ONLY EXIF browser for sorting and viewing photos)

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