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Times Square - ©Dick Budnik

We've Changed

Welcome to the WPS Photo Blog

As you hopefully may have noticed we have done a major revamp of the WPS website. The new version of the website was designed by Ron Carran using the templates. A big thanks to Ron for all the time he has spent over the past few months in preparing the new site.

We were very limited by the features that were available on the original version of our website. The old site was not designed to scale properly for viewing on tablets and phones. It was also dependent on Adobe Flash, had a very limited font set and no capability for modern slide shows.

Our main reason for doing this update is to improve the appearance of the website on tablets and phones. We also intend to take advantage of the many new features that are available in this new version. Which leads us to today's Blog posting.

As you might have guess by now I'm using this post as a test to check out the design of this Blog addition to the website. I suspect I will need to fine tune the page and text layouts to improve the view-ability. And the photo is just a test image to check out the word wrapping around images. It was shot on a WPS field trip to Times Squares several years ago.

We would appreciate any feedback you may have on the revised WPS website. You can send your comments to us using the Contact button at the top of any page. That will send an email to the site administrator (which both Ron and I can access). Note that there might be a day or so time delay until one of us signs into the administrator's account. For more immediate attention please send an email to me directly at

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