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The meeting before our meetings

We hold our regular WPS meetings at 8 pm every Friday night through out the year. The only exceptions are three day holiday weekends, an occasional religious holy day and weather related school closings. In any month we generally hold a competition evening, an outside speaker evening, an inside speaker evening and a member's showcase evening. Once a month we also hold meeting before the regular meeting. Starting at 7 pm in the classroom next door to the large lecture hall we use for our main meetings, we hold a half hour mentoring session for our members. This provides a good opportunity for our members to ask our local experts questions about any topic in photography from equipment choices and camera field techniques to post processing of our images in Lightroom and Photoshop.

A WPS mentoring class

We conclude our mentoring sessions with our monthly birthday celebration. We provide a birthday cake and soda to celebrate any of our members that have a birthday in the current month. It provides an excellent opportunity to socialize among our members before we move next door for brief announcements and our main meeting at 8 pm.

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