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Image: Leon Zelazny

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Arik Gorban
November 3, 2023
Enjoying Street Photography: Discussion/Techniques/Tips

In this presentation Arik will share ideas, tips, and techniques that make street photography and interaction with strangers fun and exciting and result in impactful images. The topics covered include key considerations for creative street photography, ideas for finding interesting subjects and locations, gear, techniques, dealing with difficult lighting conditions, and approaches to photographing strangers.


Arik, a past president of the Somerset County Photography Club, is a photographer and photography instructor who focuses on the creative aspects of the photographic art form. His experience covers the complete photographic process, including analog photography, darkroom work, and extensive digital imaging. He frequently judges photo contests, including multiple international Salon competitions and juried exhibitions. Arik presents photography programs internationally and exhibits his fine art photography. He also photographs events and conducts photography workshops. Arik Gorban is the recipient of numerous awards in photo contests and his work and articles have been published in the US and internationally. Website: I think I have something to show at this time.

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George Preoteasa
November 17, 2024
Night Sky Time-Lapse Photography

People don't look up enough. There are wonderful and amazing things to be seen in the sky. Photography can reveal some of them beyond normal eye perception. And the sped up movement can be fascinating. I would like to present to you some of the things that can be photographed in the sky, especially in the night sky, still photographs and short time-lapse movie clips. Then I will cover the process that I followed, and the tools that I used to create one of the movies - from deciding on the subject to adding the music. Perhaps, you will be inspired, if you are not already.


I have a degree in atmospheric physics and I worked briefly in the meteorology field but I changed my profession to computer programming when I came to the US in 1980. Though I liked my profession, it was screen and keyboard bound. I was left with a longing for clouds. I always wanted to photograph them. So in 2017 I bought my first serious camera. Then I discovered time-lapse videos by photographers like Mike Olbinski, Martin Heck, Adrien Mauduit. I started taking time-lapses with my iPhone to reveal cloud movement and change in color at sunset. I took a two hour class of time-lapse photography and bought the software to make the movies. In December 2018, I travelled to Yellowknife in northern Canada to chase the northern lights, which were amazing, but what impressed me just as much was the deep dark and clear sky with incredible bright stars. That was the experience that made me decide that I must photograph the night sky. It took many trials, watching many videos and I am still on a learning curve, but I think I have something to show at this time. I am a member of the astrophotography group within the Amateur Astronomical Association of New York City, and of the Cloud Appreciation Society.

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Joel Pollack
January 12, 2024
Midjourney AI and Generative Fill

I have written a talk that was written specifically to address the interests of our camera club and likely yours. I am well versed in the methods and protocols of Midjourney. In my talk We will introduce Midjourney AI, show sample images, Go over how to install Midjourney and Discord, demonstrate writing Midjourney prompts, illustrate Midjourney/Photoshop workshop, Discuss if not for photography competition where else could AI imaging be used.

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Harvey Stein
March 15, 2024
Ways of Seeing

Harvey Stein will share aspects of his photography career that spans over 50 years of consistent and impressive work in photography. He will show and discuss work from his newest book, Coney Island People 50 Years, and two previous books including Mexico Between Life and Death as well as a new book in the making. He will discuss how to maintain a creative drive and edge over such a long span of time. Mr. Stein is well known for his strong, close-up and involving street photography as well as his sensitive portraiture of people from around the world. For him, photography is a way to learn about life, living and self. “Mostly I do long-term projects that are of personal interest. I photograph situations, people and places I don’t know and need to learn about. Photography is the most meaningful thing I could ever do. It is my way of saying, ‘I am here’ and my way of sharing some of my life and understanding of the world with others”.



HARVEY STEIN is a professional photographer, teacher, lecturer, author and curator based in New York City; he is a long-time faculty member at The International Center of Photography and also teaches at the Los Angeles Center of Photography. He has conducted travel photo workshops to Europe, Mexico, South America, Vietnam, India, and China for more than two decades. He has had 91 solo exhibitions, has participated in over 170 group shows and has work in 60 permanent collections. Stein’s tenth and most recent book, Coney Island People 50 Years, was published in 2022. He was the Director of Photography at Umbrella Arts, a gallery in the East Village (2009-2019). He has curated 67 exhibits since 2007. Stein’s photography is represented by Sous Les Etoiles Gallery in New York City. View some of his work at, and on Instagram @stein.harvey

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Anastasia Tompkins
March 22, 2024
Everyday Paris

I grew up in Paris, so it's always held a special place in my heart! Over the years, my husband Harvey and I visited this always amazing, walkable and lively city countless times. Each visit always brought something new and exciting to see. The French are as delicious as their food, wine and architecture. This trip was a bit different for me. I

had the opportunity to take my second workshop with Peter Turnley (the first being in Cuba). He's a terrifically talented, Pulitzer Prize-winning Newsweek photojournalist. I have become quite good friends with two women in my Charlotte camera club who decided to join me on this adventure.

My presentation will follow us through a week of intense street photography, the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Sapna Reddy
April 12, 2024
How to Tell Compelling Stories Using Pictures

There is tremendous joy in sharing our adventures through the medium of photography. This talk is focused on analyzing and understanding what is required to go beyond the postcard and create compelling visual stories. Selecting locations, what to look for in the field, techniques to create unique images and how to render a personal interpretation of the landscape before you and communicate effectively with your audience.


Sapna Reddy is a nature/landscape photographer based in Northern California. She is currently pursuing dual careers as a doctor and a photographer. As a radiologist she analyzes images in an attempt to establish diagnosis and achieve cure. As a photographer she creates images that celebrate the immense beauty of nature and enhance personal wellbeing by establishing  a strong and lasting connection with the great outdoors.

Her images have been published in several magazines/websites including National Geographic, Onlandscape, Popular Photography, Lonely Planet, Landscape Photography magazine, Better Photography, Smart Photography, and Outdoor Photographer.

She is the winner of several competitions organized by National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, USA Landscape Photographer of the Year and Flickr’s Top 25.

Sapna is a brand ambassador for Sony, guragear and NISI. She is currently developing the landscape photography learning module for Lightroom academy for Adobe.

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