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Image: Leon Zelazny

See the latest competition winners

For our 2023-24 competition year we will be holding twelve evenings of competitions plus one End-of-Year competition. On six of the evenings we will include separate contests for the Color B Digital (Beginner), Color A Digital (Advanced), Color Salon Digital and Open Mind Digital. On six other evenings we will include separate contests for B&W Digital and Theme Digital contests. Two entries will be allowed in each of the categories per evening per member. Note that the theme  for each theme contest only applies to the theme contest that evening and does not apply to all the other contests.


Awards are given for the winners of each contest and for the accumulated points total for each category. An End-of-Year competition is held in June from entries previously submitted during the previous twelve evenings of competitions. For the End-of-Year contests, you may submit three entries that had been previously submitted in the year's regular competitions. There will be no End-of-Year competitions for the Theme category. Entries must be submitted to the website midnight on the Sunday prior to the competition. Competitions begin at 7:30 PM and are held digitally on Zoom.Guests are Welcome at all meetings. Only WPS  members may enter work into competitions.

Winning photos are published in our monthly InFocus newsletter and are also posted on our Facebook and Instagram sites.



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